DIFI Report on Families Living with Autism in Qatar 2019

Well-Being of Families Living with Autism in Qatar
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WISE Autism Panel Report 2017

This research report was commissioned by the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), an initiative of the Qatar Foundation, to address how to strengthen the education pillar of the Qatar National Autism Plan 2017-2021 and to examine how Qatar can best meet the educational needs of pupils with autism. CDC staff and parents are proud to have participated in this report as a focus group. 

WISE Autism Report in English
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WISE Autism Report in Arabic
RR.8.2017 Autism Report (Arabic).pdf
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Springer Encyclopedia of Autism: Qatar

Dr. Fouad Al Shaban of QBRI authored the entry for Qatar which is one of 50 entries worldwide, and the paper highlights CDC's program within the categories of "treatments and centers" as well as "professional training".
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WISH Autism Forum 2016

Qatar Foundation’s World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) hosted a forum in November 2016 on Autism.  This must-read report provides a comprehensive overview of global trends in ASD, and provides three overarching policy recommendations to improve the support for children with ASD, their families, and their communities. It also highlights the critical need for collaboration between health, education, and social sectors as well as the pressing need for evidence-based therapies. The Chair of this forum, Dr. Kerim Munir; and the Deputy Chair, Dr. Muhammad Waqar Azeem; visited CDC on April 18, 2016 along with co-authors Tara Lavelle and David Helm. We are honored to have contributed to this amazing effort. 

Autism: A Global Framework for Action
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(Arabic) Autism: A Global Framework for Action
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Annual Autism Symposium Coverage, Feb. 2017

Annual Autism Symposium Coverage, March 2016

Qatar Tribune. May 5, 2015