Engage and Learn

Management at Child Development Center recognizes that our multi-disciplinary therapy center can contribute to the professional development and training of students by facilitating and welcoming the placement of students for work experience. The purpose of the placement is to provide students with supervised applied training in a multi-disciplinary setting. The duration of the placement at CDC is based on the requirements of the academic course and will be arranged on a case-by-case basis.


CDC is proud to offer internships and work-placement opportunities for postgraduate students who hold an undergraduate degree from an accredited University and are currently enrolled in a postgraduate program. In addition, we have offered internships to individuals looking to further their own professional development. 


Previous interns have come from Florida State University (USA), Qatar University, SIDRA Research and Medical Center, Queens University (Canada), and Jain University (India). 


In order to apply for this program, kindly send your program/academic requirements, CV, and cover letter to careers@cdcenterqatar.com and we will contact you to facilitate the rest, as appropriate.


"As an intern, my experience at the Child Development Center has been wonderful. As the internship was a requirement from the university I chose to do my internship in an institution involving child population. As a student of Clinical Psychology it was great exposure as I learnt more about children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Learning Disabilities. It made me broaden my knowledge about the field of Behavioral Psychology, there were concepts which I had only learnt in theory, but here I was seeing those concepts being used practically. The center practiced the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. The Center was multi-disciplinary and had Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy as well. A lot of information was gathered during the internship, regarding child’s behavior, abilities and much more. My supervisor was extremely helpful throughout my internship, as she kept me occupied, which helped me gain knowledge regarding the field of Behavioral Psychology. The best part of the internship was the hands on experience that I gained, this is something that will help me in the future. There were opportunities to observe sessions, initial consultations, read information on ABA and to interact with the staff members for career guidance. The entire staff was very helpful throughout my internship, they were always ready to answer my questions and guide me. It has been a delightful experience, and it will be cherished."

- Master's in Psychology Candidate, Jain University, India 

"I am studying to become a Speech-Language Pathologist and reached out to the Child Development Center (CDC) before my summer break in hopes of observing and volunteering within the Speech Department. The CDC welcomed me and allowed me to fully integrate into the daily routine at the center.

I have had the opportunity of observing and learning from each of the talented and dedicated Speech-Language Pathologists. I have seen different therapy techniques utilized from PROMPT, Sensory Integration to PECS. It has been an honor to learn from Oksana, Sweety, Nourah, Ameera and Aneela and witness their clients’ progress. It is clear they are making a huge difference in the lives of many children in Doha.

My time at the CDC has been nothing short of amazing and I will cherish the time I have spent here. It has been advantageous to recall the things I have learned in my textbooks and see them applied at the CDC. I feel as though my experience will make me a better Speech-Language Pathologist upon graduation. The Child Development Center is making a huge impact in the lives of many children and I look forward to following its unique and continued progress." 

-Communications Science and Disorders student, Florida State University, USA 

"I started my internship with CDC from the end of January 2016 - April 30th/2016. This internship was a part of my graduation requirements from the Master's in Special Education Program at Qatar University.  I completed a Bachelor's in Childhood and Social Institutions and Psychology from the University of Western Ontario, I then completed a Graduate Certificate program in Autism and Behavioral Science. My career in working with children with Autism and their families started in Saudi Arabia, in King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, in which I was a clinical research coordinator and an early intervention therapist for one year and 3 months. 


As I moved to Doha, I registered in the Master's in Special Education program at Qatar University. I selected CDC as the organization for my internship due to my passion for working with the families and children with Autism and other developmental delays, the very professional and experienced team that CDC has, and to focus my efforts in a field where I would like to grow professionally. 


Without a doubt, my experience at CDC was one of the most professionally enriching experiences and has surpassed my expectations of my learning outcomes from this organization. I have never witnessed a more intense, clinical, structured, yet creative team work environment. The morning early intervention classroom was especially an intensive learning experience. Then moving on to the more relaxed one-on-one ABA, SLT, and OT sessions in the afternoon were another type of learning experience. I was also involved with the Operations team, in which I was invited to attend a meeting at the higher level in which some of the country's special needs services centers were present to advocate for their students and families. I also was involved in the planning for the Autism Awareness Month 2016 activities. 


I cannot think of a better way that my internship could have been planned. CDC has planned this internship to ensure my maximum benefit through initially listening to what I would like to learn from their setting and learning more about my personal professional career goals. Each and every staff member was very welcoming and enjoyed having me attend their sessions. They answered any questions I had and were open to any new ideas/information, or project, despite their very hectic schedule. During my internship at CDC, I was being treated like a team member and my mentors were there to assist me any time I needed. 


In addition to the wonderful and professional CDC team, this internship wouldn't have been this fulfilling if it wasn't for the families who have allowed me to enter their children's sessions and get involved in their discussions and inquiries at the end of each session. Last but not least, I learned from my best teachers; each and every child who has taught me something new every day as I was observing their sessions, recording their data, and witnessing their growth as they mastered new skills each week.

To any future internship students, this is my strong recommendation to you, to apply for an internship with CDC and enter with an open-mind to learn from every single member of their special team. You will discover how much you have grown after this experience and will leave it as a changed yet more experienced professional, knowing exactly where you would like to go next in your career."

-Master's in Special Education Candidate, Qatar University, Qatar