Thought Leadership 

An integral part of the mission of CDC is to be a thought leader in the field of autism in the Middle East.  

  • Our staff, including our Heads of Department, who individually represent the strongest background of education and training, work collaboratively to design treatment programs for our clients. This multidisciplinary approach is one of our key differentiators.
  • Our Early Intervention Program; which is a pioneer program of intense daily therapy in a preschool class setting and incorporating elements of music, PECS, and play, all grounded in ABA; is the first of its kind in Qatar.
  • Our community support, which engages parents and educators, to offer workshops, playgroups, and a hub for children with special needs.

It is our hope to create sustainable change in Qatar and the Middle East utilizing techniques that achieve best outcomes for all children with special needs.   

Learning Tools

The ABC's of IEP's
A parent's guide to Individualized Education Plans and what to expect from the meetings and goal-setting.
Adobe Acrobat Document 112.9 KB
Learning Environment
Helpful tips about organizing your learning space to utilize shelves, labels and toys!
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Red Flags Checklists

Developmental Delays Red Flags Checklist
Adobe Acrobat Document 127.3 KB
Identifying Developmental Delays for Early Childhood Educators
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Occupational Therapy Red Flags Checklist
This is a list of red flags that may help identify gross motor, fine motor, and sensory difficulties in children.
Red flags for Referral to Occupational T
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