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Q1: Is CDC a school for children with special needs?

CDC is not a school, but rather a multidisciplinary center where children receive therapy sessions. Our Early Intervention Program (EIP) follows a preschool model, and students attend class from 9am-1pm daily. For more details click here


Q2: What is the age range of the clients?

Our youngest clients are around 15-18 months old and we have clients for some services that are young adults (up to 18 years old).


Q3: Do you take health insurance?

CDC works closely with parents to receive coverage for their services. It is our hope that with more corporate demand, health insurance providers will offer coverage for services for developmental delays. Currently, we do not have a direct billing relationship with any health insurance provider. 


Q4: Do you conduct professional development training?

Yes! We have a wide range of topics related to our different departments. For more details click here


Q5: Do you partner with companies for CSR initiatives?

Yes! For more details click here


Q6: Do you conduct sessions in Arabic and other languages?

Yes! It is our aim to have at least one bilingual staff member on each of our teams. We typically have at least one Arabic and French speaking therapist on staff. 


Q7: How much do your therapy sessions cost?

Our sessions vary in cost according to department. For the most up-to-date price list kindly email 


Q8: Do you provide financial assistance for services?

Financial assistance is not being offered as of September 2016. Subject to corporate sponsorship for clinical aid, we prioritize CDC clients in financial need. 


Q9: Do you assist with school placements for children with special needs?

An integral component of our outreach program is working with nurseries and schools. Our goal is to increase awareness of inclusion methodology and provide assistance to educators in differentiating their lessons. However, we do not provide specific assistance in school placements. 


Q10: Do you provide shadow teachers or training for them? Can you train my nanny/caregiver?

We do not refer shadow teachers. We can only provide training and supervision to a nanny/caregiver and/or shadow teacher if the child is in therapy with us at our center.


Q10. What is the process of registering my child with you? 

If you have a concern about your child, please call us to schedule an initial consultation. All behavioral/developmental concerns will be directed to our Clinical Program Lead, Kamila Janik. Our Heads of Department for Speech and Language Pathology and Occupational Therapy also conduct robust and thorough initial assessments.  The initial consultation will provide an assessment but does not issue a written report. Based on the initial consultation, either a full assessment will be scheduled, or therapy sessions will be recommended.