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Q1: What is the Early Intervention Program?

Our Early Intervention Program (EIP) is customized to meet each child’s individual needs. In a fun and structured class setting of six/seven (6/7) children and four/five (4/5) ABA Therapists, children with developmental delays (including Autism and related disorders), between the ages of 3-8 years are provided with a unique blend of education, therapy, and training. The EIP applies ABA Therapy techniques and one on one Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language Therapy. 

Q2: What is the schedule for the EI Program?

Q3: Do you include BCBA supervision in your EI Program?

Our Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA Supervisor) will observe your child once a month for one (1) hour. The purpose of this session is for our BCBA Supervisor to make any necessary changes to the child’s treatment plan.