Welcome to Child Development Center!


This project came to life in 2013 thanks to friends and colleagues who shared the same vision and contributed to making our center a reality. Together, we celebrate daily achievements and fulfilled hope as we witness our children making progress before our eyes. My son, Faisal, was three-years old when I first noticed his differences and ultimately learned of his Autism Spectrum Disorder after diagnosis. It took time to accept my new reality and realize that different did not mean worse. Faisal has made huge strides in his development, and now at ten-years-old, joined an inclusive school with additional support. His growth inspires me to work tirelessly for children to have access to the best quality therapy.


In the four years Child Development Center (CDC) has been open:


1. We served over 200 children with developmental delays including 30 that received daily Early Intervention Program sessions

2. We have conducted hundreds of hours of professional development training for our staff to ensure the highest quality of service, as well as for parents and other profession-als in Doha

3. We organized three Annual Autism Outreach and Training symposiums with global and regional experts, and participated in the global Light It Up Blue initiative with AutismSpeaks 


It is exciting that in the past few years we have seen an increase in media coverage about children with special needs. In Qatar, World Autism Awareness day is celebrated by many organizations and the community support has been astounding. There are nowmore than four annual conferences in Doha held that address inclusion, special needs, and education including our Autism Outreach and Training Symposium. His Excellency the Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa al-Thani launched the National Autism Plan (2017-2021) in April which helps in developing adequate general and professional support for autistic people.


However, there remains work to be done. Data proves that early diagnosis, intervention and remediation through intensive therapy give children the best possibility to ultimately lead meaningful lives.


I will remain an ardent supporter and advocate for special needs children. 


Sincerely, Hasna Nada




Hasna Nada


Hasna has a Bachelors of Arts in Economics and Political Science from Franklin College, Lugano, Switzerland. She has thirteen years experience in finance and public relations in Doha. Hasna is an entrepreneur and activist for children with special needs in Qatar and she is the proud mother of a child on the autism spectrum.