What We Do 

Our Process: Starting Services at CDC

Child Development Center follows a program model for all therapy enrollments. Sessions are booked and paid for in advance for each month, and the program continues on a rolling monthly basis.


Step 1 Initial Consultation: Your child will be screened based on consultant observation, parent interview and/or other appropriate methods to determine underlying concerns.  If you have medical and/or other relevant reports less than 3 months old, you may send them to us for review prior to the appointment. If deemed sufficient, appropriate recommendations may be made based off of those.


Step 2 a)Therapy Enrollment: Subject to our availability, your child may be able to start therapy services within 3-5 working days of the initial consultation and/or assessment. Alternatively, they may be wait listed till the next available slot opens up. 


Step 2 b) Enrollment Process: Upon receiving your child's therapy schedule payment for the month will be due on the first day of therapy. Thereafter, all monthly program sessions must be paid for in advance at the beginning of each month when you receive your child's program invoice. 


Relevant documents outlining our policies, procedures, general queries and other information will be provided to you at the time of enrollment. 


Step 3 Welcome to CDC!