Following internationally recognized best practice, the Early Intervention Program (EIP) at CDC aims to improve the quality of life of children with mild to moderate autism and related developmental delays from 1.5 years to 6 years of age. Under the umbrella approach of ABA, the EIP incorporates a variety of interventions from across the multi-disciplinary teams including Speech and Language and Occupational Therapy, ensuring the student has a comprehensive and balanced therapy program that meets their individual needs.


With a high ratio of therapists to students, our program provides 20 hours of therapy per week. Throughout their 4 hour day, children receive a minimum of 2 hours 1:1 therapy between ABA, OT and SLP in the key skill areas noted above, and 2 hours of group therapy where they practice important social skills such as interacting with peers, following typical classroom routines and developmentally appropriate play skills.


We play with purpose in the Early Intervention! 

Our Early Intervention Program learners started on Sept. 6, 2015 in a newly renovated classroom! The unique cubicle setup allows one-on-one Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) sessions to take place within the class for all students simultaneously. Our appreciation to our corporate partners, Tasweeq, who donated for our classroom renovations. 

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