The Occupational Therapy department consists of a dynamic team of professionals whose focus is on the child. Our goal is to assist children to achieve their maximal potential in all occupations of life including academic performance, personal management, and play; while facilitating independence in these areas, so that children can live meaningful and satisfying lives. Occupational Therapy uses purposeful, meaningful activities with the “just right challenge” to address a child’s weaknesses through incorporating their strengths. 

 The following areas are addressed in Occupational Therapy:

  • Gross and Fine Motor Development 
  • Visual Perceptual Development
  • Sensory Integration 
  • Bilateral Integration 
  • Cognitive Development
  • Handwriting Skills
  • Motor Planning Skills
  • Personal Management Skills (Self-care)  

A referral can be made to our department if a teacher, parent or caregiver notices any delayed developmental milestones, difficulties in age appropriate play or has any concerns about function in any area of the child’s life (school performance, personal management difficulties and play). Once the referral has been received the OT department will schedule an initial consultation with the parent and child where after a decision will be made as to what the best course of treatment will be.