Professional Development Workshops 

For over six years, Child 

Development Center has  been at the forefront of professional development 

training on topics related  to early education, special  needs, and inclusion. Our  highly qualified staff is  able to customize our presentations to suit  your goals  and target audience. Our workshops are conducted onsite for your convenience  and include handouts. For the academic year 2019/2020 we will be offering a series of professional development community workshops.


This series will cover relevant topics, have a maximum number of 20 participants, and be priced at 150QR to ensure accessibility for all community members. Preregistration is required. 


The workshop on Feb. 22, 2020 was "Forget the Pen and Paper: Tips on Working on Handwriting Skills" by Desiree Been, Head of Occupational Therapy.  On March 7, 2020 , Speech and Language Pathologist Aneela Mittal presented "Feeding the Fussy Eater". 

Professional Development Topics 2019-2020

Series 1 - Milestones & Red Flags:

1 Normal Speech and Language Development

2 Gross Motor, Fine Motor, and Activities of Daily Living

3 Cognitive and Behavioral Milestones 

Series 2 - Practical Strategies for Parents and Caregivers 

1 Typical Child Development: Milestones and Red Flags 

2 Teaching Language and Reducing Problem Behavior 

3 Teaching Life Skills and Tackling Toileting, Feeding and Sleeping Problems 

Series 3 - Classroom Tricks & Tips:

1 Differentiation Instruction in the Context of a Classroom

2 Fine Motor Development and Handwriting

3 Occupational therapy in Physical Education

4 Managing and Making Sense of Challenging Behavior in the Classroom

5 Special Education Provision in Mainstream Schools: Structuring Shadow Teachers into Your Department

Series 4 - Best Practices in Early Education & Intervention:

1 Lesson Plans: The Importance of Planning Ahead

2 Individualized Education Plan

3 Multi-modal Teaching

4 Therapy 101 

Series 5 - "My Child Won’t Talk!":

1 Introduction to Speech Delays and Possible Causes 

2 Verbal Behavior Approach

3 Augmentative and Alternative Communication Systems (AACS) 

4 Language Acquisition through Play 

Individual Training Modules:

PD.1 Disability Awareness & Sensitivity Training

PD.2 Language based Learning Disabilities

PD.3 How Challenges in Communication Affect Behavior 

PD.4 Prolonged Bottle Drinking and Non-Nutritive Sucking: The Pros & Cons 

PD.5 An Introduction to ABA (Technical)

PD.6 ABA in the Context of SLP Intervention 

PD.7 How to Become Board-Certified

Topics for PD Training including brief descriptions
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