Child Development Center offers a range of services in the nursery/school setting to promote inclusion and provide support to students and teachers in their natural environment. When our educational philosophies align, we offer tailored support services including: 

  • Professional Development Training: lecture style (between 50-100 attendees) or small-group instruction (between 10-30 attendees)
  • Case Consultation for Challenging Students: On-site observation and live feedback on student abilities and effective teaching strategies. An informal report will also be provided.  
  • School Observation: On-site formal observation and report of the student's behavior in class including recommendations. 
  • Learning Assistant Training: On-site observation and live feedback on Learning Assistant teaching strategies and behavior management techniques.  
  • On-Site Psychological and Educational Psychological Assessments
  • On-Site Group and 1:1 sessions in ABA, Speech, and Occupational Therapy 

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