Client Testimonials 

"Our daughter, Madison, has had gross motor delays since age one.  We found therapy services elsewhere in Doha by the time that she was 18 months old, but it was so rough on her that she actually stopped talking.  After making some progress that summer in the US, we discovered that CDC would accept her at age two, and in fact the Early Intervention program would address all of her developmental delays at one time.  We started that program in October 2015 when Madison was not imitating behaviors, walking, or talking.  By June 2016, she graduated from the program and met all age-appropriate speech targets and will attend mainstream school in the upcoming fall.  Not only did the therapists work with Madison in a way that made work to be "fun," Madison actually loved going to the program!  I would drop her off and she would run to the teachers and therapists, turn around and say "Bye, bye mommy!"  If it wasn't for CDC, and the EI program, we would have moved back to the US for care.  We couldn't be happier with the program or the services and would highly recommend it.  By starting as early as possible, they have changed her life forever." Kimberly 

"My son was not yet diagnosed but we were recommended by his school to seek outside help and support – thank goodness that CDC existed. One of our only options was to move from Qatar to another country so that we could access treatment. My son loves his OT sessions, he has fun and it is never a chore to get him to go. 

The OT programme looks at the whole child approach – they look at the skills my son will need every day, in school and as a child and then work on any weaknesses – gross and fine motor skills but also confidence. My son will take more risks because he is more aware of his body and sensory issues that he is making right choices in all areas. My son is keeping up with his year group at school whilst having fun and being a valuable member of his class. But his smile and happiness plus confidence in his ability for me is the best thing. He is able to do more so is having more fun and making progress with in PE, reading, writing, play time, show and tell…’s hard to think of an area where OT and speech have not helped." Michelle 

"My daughter has been attending Child Development Centre for over a year now. She has had numerous Speech Therapy and occupational therapy sessions. Over the past four months, she has begun Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) in order to improve her behavioural skills. As a parent, I am very thankful to the services that CDC provides to those children who are in need.

I have seen vast improvement in my daughter's development since she started ABA. Her response to questions and instructions have improved immensely. Her social skills are developing and her attention span has increased greatly. I believe ABA has a beneficial approach to helping children learn about meaningful and positive changes in behavior. ABA has become an effective technique for my daughter who has Autism.

She is a happy child who leads a productive life and has fostered the basic skills such as looking, listening and imitating. 

The therapists who are working with my daughter are professionals with an outstanding passion for their job. They have a child-friendly approach to their practice which makes their work a success. I am very happy with the services at CDC and will always recommend their institution to those who require it."

Sam, Mother of a 4 year old autistic girl

"After providing Dr. Adrienne with Sullivan's Speech Therapy Records and his IEP , she felt that he would benefit from ABA.  I was told by other Special Ed and Speech Therapists that Sullivan did not need this type of therapy, but I trusted Dr. Adrienne's judgment. I am so glad that we started ABA. After one month of 2 sessions a week I could see a big change in Sullivan.  He seemed more confident, and became more social (especially to strangers and adults).  

We have less daily conflicts, he is more patient and allows me to explain certain things to him  (such as when it is time to turn off the TV or get dressed ).  Before ABA he would become agitated and uncooperative if I told him something he did not want to do or if he disagreed with a situation. 

    In the nine months we have been at the CDC Sullivan has become a very happy and sweet boy. If you would have seen him when we first started in October you would hardly recognize him now.  Before he was quiet and kept to himself, now he is talking all the time and he is more apt to play and talk with other children.  Now that I have seen the results from my own child I am encouraging other parents who I see struggling to look into ABA as an option for their children."  - Kelley